Is your water causing cancer? The shocking results from Dr. Oz’s special investigation are in. Arsenic, lead, known carcinogen chromium 6, and perchlorate – or rocket fuel – are among the contaminants you are being exposed to every day……
Water Testing available: Packages range from free basic to more comprehensive testing based on the water source. Contact us at (888) 901-ODAK (6325).

Meet the Cosmetal® Nives® & Nives IN®

Nives was specifically designed and created to provide simpler, more
efficient and cost effective drinking water in the home. The compact,
attractive product combines efficiency and style, and is suitable for use in any type of environment. It is available as a counter-top or under-counter model and in three different colors: white, metallic red
and metallic black.

The water coolers are 100% Made in Italy, and Cosmetal boasts a product range that is amongst the industry’s widest, both in terms of types of water supplied –
room temperature, chilled, hot, sparkling – and models available – for homes, offices, public places, professional studios and firms, schools, canteens, restaurants, bars, etc.


Nives IN is the under-counter solution, ideal for anyone who prefers to leave their worktop clear, or for rooms in which space is limited! Small and discreet, it can be installed under the sink and only the tap can be seen.

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Cosmetal® Nives® manufactured by Cosmetal and distributed by ODAK, Inc.