Is your water causing cancer? The shocking results from Dr. Oz’s special investigation are in. Arsenic, lead, known carcinogen chromium 6, and perchlorate – or rocket fuel – are among the contaminants you are being exposed to every day……
Water Testing available: Packages range from free basic to more comprehensive testing based on the water source. Contact us at (888) 901-ODAK (6325).

Welcome to the beginning of clean water for your children and family

ODAK, Inc. is a fresh, innovative, water purification and filtration design company. We are dedicated to providing every one of our customers with the purest, healthiest, water on the planet. We have dedicated years to educating ourselves about the water industry, and as a result, we have become an authority in the field. We have used this knowledge to solve the specific water problems each of our clients faces by designing and constructing task-specific filtration systems.

These customized systems are more efficient, effective, and economical than generalized systems, which may have some components that are repetitive or unnecessary to remedy the problems with water. As we have expanded, we have tackled water filtration problems in all types of domestic, commercial, and industrial areas by providing water filtration solutions for homes, hospitals, schools, and many other locations where only the highest quality water will do. ODAK continues to grow and expand into other water purification related industries in order to best serve you and provide you with the finest quality product. Water is the single, most important, ingredient  to life. When you want the purest water in the world, remember ODAK! We are here to serve you and meet your pure water needs. We are your "Drinking Water Specialists."

ODAK invites you to take the GIFT of clean, healthy, resfreshing water with you to work or play.

For a limited time we are offering
two free stainless steel water bottles with insulated carrying bag, a $29.99 value, with the purchase of any K500 filtration system.


Check out our K500 unit for your home today.

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