Is your water causing cancer? The shocking results from Dr. Oz’s special investigation are in. Arsenic, lead, known carcinogen chromium 6, and perchlorate – or rocket fuel – are among the contaminants you are being exposed to every day……
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Whole house water filtration

ODAK's Whole House Water Treatment System (pictured right), is priced between $499 and $999 depending on the size of home and is designed to provide the consumer with an improved quality of water at every faucet and appliance. Engineered to be installed on the main water supply line, the Whole House System can be used for treatment of all the water in your home on one system.

Water enters the system at the main supply line and then passes through a high volume pre-filter pad, trapping unwanted large particulate matter. Next the water must pass through a depth bed of five cubic feet (5 cu. ft.) of granulated activated carbon containing 1,472,250 square meters of cleansing by using an adsorption process. Fresh, clean water exits the system and flows to the point of use. ODAK's Whole House System effectively reduces dirt, rust, sand, algae, and chlorine improving the smell, taste, and odor, and overall quality of water for bathing or showering, and all other household needs.  

The ODAK Whole House Water Treatment System improves water quality by: 

  1. Providing clean, clear water at every tap and appliance throughout the home.
  2. Reducing chlorine which is often used as a disinfectant by municipal water suppliers.
  3. Providing better tasting and smelling water.
  4. Minimizing rust in the water and stains on fixtures and clothing.  
  5. Reducing dirt, algae, rust and large particulate matter reduces bad tastes and odors.
  6. All of the above while leaving in healthful dissolved minerals. 

For the highest quality drinking water, ODAK recommends the installation of the ODAK K500 Drinking Water System along with the ODAK Whole House Water Treatment System as this will add longevity to the ODAK K500 solid block cartridge. ODAK's Drinking Water Systems go beyond solving aesthetic water problems; they also remove from the water supply contaminants of health concern.

The ODAK Water Treatment System is also ideal for many commercial applications (restaurants, bars, offices, ice machines, etc.) which have a need for a high volume of aesthetically improved water. The System will provide clean, clear, better tasting water at a cost of approximately one cent per 50 eight ounce glasses of water or 20 pounds of ice. For further information, please call our toll free number at (888) 901-6325 or you can send an e-mail.

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ODAK K500 filtration sub-component(s) manufactured by MultiPure Co. for ODAK, Inc.