Professional Water Dispensers for workplaces and public areas.

A valid alternative to bottled water.

Types Of Water

Chilled water is available on all models, together with room temperature water in model A, and hot water in model H. Sparkling water in model WG available upon request.


Ice Bank Cooling

No reservoir – the high performance ice bank reduces the  need for maintenance work.



The dispensing area is protected from environmental pollution, the controls are situated well away from the dispensing point and the integrated cup dispenser guarantee optimal hygiene, thus avoiding bacterial contamination from outside.

Quick And Simple Maintenance

Simple disassembly allows quick access to the inside of the machine. The outer cover consists of separate panels which can be removed individually for specific targeted procedures.


Most Common Use
Offices, lounge areas, schools, universities, homes.

Water Treatment System
ODAK K500 Solid Carbon Block Filtration System.

CO2 Cylinder (Not Provided By ODAK)

Sold separately. Connected with a 1/4” JG tubing and pressure regulator (included) to the refrigerator/carbonation unit.

Maximum Capacity

22 Liters per hour / Hot - 8 Liters per hour.

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