By choosing ODAK, you are choosing a healthy, Green alternative to bottled water. ODAK is the primary distributor for Cosmetal Water Coolers in the US. Unlike the majority of bottled and other bottle-less water cooling systems, our direct chill and ice bank technology replaces the need for a reservoir. Reservoirs need to be properly and periodically cleaned to prevent the growth of bacteria. Our bottle-less water coolers come in a versatile range for various applications – home, workplace, hospitality industry. Room temperature, chilled, hot and sparkling filtered water are available on our free-standing, countertop and under counter models. We professionally tailor our client’s water solutions based upon their budget, capacity and preferences. Cosmetal’s reservoir free units, matched with ODAK’s solid carbon block filtration systems assure the finest drinking water that can be offered.


Please call one of our sales associates for a quote to see how much ODAK can save you by switching to a bottle-less water cooler today!

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